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After-sales Service of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-SENFENG LASER

2019-01-15 16:00:00 www.senfenglaser.com

After promoted to the international market, Senfeng laser cutting machine has been adhering to the concept of customer first, dedication and professionalism, providing customers with metal processing system solutions, promoting production efficiency and gaining a high reputation. This time we came to Italy.
Mr. Gavin, one of the technical engineers after the sale of Senfeng Raming International.He attended the exhibition in South Africa and suddenly received a call from an Italian customer. The customer was using the SF3015H fiber laser cutting machine to participate in the exhibition, and the test has been working normally. The equipment appeare a cutting problem at the show. The technical operators at the scene could not solve it. Mr. Gavin asked the actual situation on the spot and telephoned his technical staff to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Finally, the proportional valve was found to have interference and the outgassing was unstable. Finally, the grounding wire is connected to the proportional valve. The interference is eliminated, and the customer's problem is solved quickly and accurately.


The customer personally found expressed their gratitude and satisfaction to our general manager!Without Gavin’s professional technology service, the fiber laser cutting machine machine will not move at the exhibition.And the exhibition will not be effective.
A small suggestion and solution may help customers to recover hundreds of thousands of losses, even the customer's next larger investment profits!If you want to know more solutions about the fiber laser cutting machine,just contact us!We will provide you the most professional technical support
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