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Fiber Laser Pipe Cutter to Create Fitness Equipment

2019-01-10 16:00:00 www.senfenglaser.com

With the development of the sports and fitness industry and the appeal of the national sports, the market demand for fitness equipment is unprecedented. There are a variety of fitness equipment such as walking machines, treadmills, and waist machine. How are these various fitness equipment in parks, gyms and even homes processed?Let me show you the fiber laser pipe cutting machine.

fiber laser pipe cutter

Fitness equipment needs high-quality steel pipe, steel plate and other raw materials. The precision of processing is relatively high, and it is often necessary to use the cutting and punching process of the pipe.Therefore, it is very important to choose a processing equipment that can cut and punch.At the same time, compared with the traditional cutting process, the fiber laser pipe cutting machine can cut a better quality workpiece, and reduce the processing procedures. The traditional cutting method needs to go through the cutting, punching, bending of these processes, consumption of a large number of mold and more cost inputs.

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine is not only used in the production of fitness equipment, but also widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen and bathroom, advertising signs, lighting hardware, electrical cabinets, auto parts, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, precision parts and other metal pipe products. T-shaped tube, round tube, square tube,etc. Automatic feeding system will save raw materials and improve cutting efficiency.
If you want to know more information about the fiber laser pipe cutting machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.We will provide you the suitable model according to your pipe thickness and diameter.

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