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Reasons for increase of water temperature in metal laser cutter

2019-02-12 16:00:00 www.senfenglaser.com

Metal laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries and have laid the foundation for industrial development. Occasionally,when the metal laser cutting machine is working,the water temperature will rise too fast. As we all know, water plays a key role on metal laser cutting machine,What are the reasons for the rapid increase of the water temperature?
1. When the metal laser cutting machine is working, the ambient temperature around it is high.
2. The working light intensity of the metal laser cutting machine is too large.
3,The machine needs to stop taking a break after running for a long time.
4. The outlet pipe of the cooling water is not flowing properly, resulting in poor water flow.
5. The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are dirty, and the water protection is blocked, which makes the poor water flow poor.
All of the above are the reasons why the water temperature of the metal laser cutting machine rises rapidly.And you need to check the machine and ensure smooth ventilation of water chiller outlet and air inlet. Ensure that the water chiller operating environment below 40 degrees. Clean the dustproof net of special area water chiller regularly.

In fact, the way to check these anomalies is very simple, the operation is not trouble.If the customer does not operate according to the correct operation method, it may cause the water temperature to rise rapidly and alert, which will affect the processing.If you want to know more information,welcome to contact us.We will provide you the suitable solution. according to your situation.

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