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Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machines for Metal Lighting Manufacturing

2019-03-26 01:49:01 www.senfenglaser.com

A perfect metal lighting product requires a lot of complicated processes to complete, especially the large metal lighting is not only complicated in process but also long in production cycle, in order to save production cycle and improve production efficiency. It is necessary to introduce mechanical processing equipment with high efficiency and high precision.Tube & pipe fiber laser cutting machines is widely used in the manufacture of metal lighting.

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The luminaire not only has the effect of lighting, but also plays a decorative role. The sleek and simple lighting design is more popular. The laser tube cutting machine is applied to the manufacture of metal lighting, which reduces the manpower. It can also carry out steps such as engraving and beveling. The most important thing is that the tube processed by the tube & pipe laser cutting machines does not need to be treated twice. However, it can do several people's work.The machine can complete the cutting requirements with high efficiency and high precision. You're worth investing in.

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