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Paper Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

2016-11-02 16:00:00 www.senfenglaser.com

Paper can make many different crafts,fold or cut or by other way.Paper -cut is a traditional carft with great skill in china,the craftsman need practice many years .But now with the development of laser cutting technology,the co2 laser cutting machinecan cut the beautiful paper-cut easily and in short time .


SENFNEG laser cutting machine have many size of the laser machine can do paper-cut.
The Small laser cutter machine is used for small thin nonmaterials cutting ,engraving which is suitable for DIY at home and small shop .And the bigger like SF960 laser cutting engraving machine with worktable 900*600mm that can do more work .The hot sales co2 laser machine is SF1390 with working table 1300*900mm ,the machine can cut paper,fabric,acrylic,wood,etc.

Check the video of paper cut with our SENFENG laser cutting machine.

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Paper Co2 Laser Cutting Machine